ERMIS Financial Management is the optional component that provides a complete set of functions and services to supportCustoms business focused on accounting & revenue collection. ERMIS Financial Management provides all the necessary procedures to cover the processing of Payments and Refunds.

The most important part of ERMIS Financial Management is the ERMIS Guarantee Management – ERMIS GMS subsystem; It provides processes and services to register and manage all types of guarantees and bonds. These are issued and accepted as a safeguard against possible customs debt which may arise in the Customs Procedures. The system allows customs officers to fulfil all transactions within the customs offices, i.e., to track and control guarantees that have been used.

These transactions are performed in business processes from different business areas of the customs office and hence from different subsystems.

Below is a list of Guarantees currently supported by the system:

  • Type 0 –Guarantee Waiver;
  • Type 1 – Comprehensive Guarantee;
  • Type 2 – Individual Guarantee;
  • Type 3 – Cash Deposit Guarantee;
  • Type 4 – Individual Guarantee in the form of vouchers;
  • Type 9 - Individual Guarantee with multiple usage.

The Business Processes covered by Intrasoft GMS are:

  • Guarantee Registration
  • Guarantee Management
  • Guarantee Integrity Check
  • Guarantee Usage Registration
  • Reference Amount Credit
  • Guarantee Release
  • Guarantee Cancellation/Revocation
  • Guarantee Queries