The Customs Core system of choice of major Customs Agencies around the world

Over the last years the role of customs around the world has been changing: from a primary focus on revenue collection and import taxes aimed at protection of economic interests and society, to trade facilitation and reduction of administrative burden, and more recently towards a significantly increased focus on safety and security. In addition, the increasing connectivity of countries, caused by globalisation, makes the customs IT systems landscape more open and collaborative.

This causes a rapid change of the business and IT environment which leads to several challenges. Customs administrations face increasing volumes of international trade, new business models, increasing fraud patterns and security threats, while at the same time they can make use of a rich collection of data sources. What is needed is more efficient supervision of cargo movement across end-to-end trade lanes, effective evaluation of risks across trade patterns and the creation of trusted networks.

The Customs Workflow Management (CWM) component of ERMIS is the heart of Netcompany-Intrasoft's Customs solutions. By enabling both automated management of customs declarations and human tasks within the process, CWM can manage trade transactions and monitor compliance with legal requirements for goods that are placed under customs procedures while allowing an optimal balance between the need for customs control and the goals of facilitating trade and reducing administrative burden.

Supported Customs Processes

CWM is part of ERMIS.Core Services that support declarations for placing goods under customs procedures: import, export, customs warehousing, inward and outward processing, transit, etc. CWM will manage the entire process of the:

  • Acceptance and validation of declarations.
  • Control and inspection of goods.
  • Duty calculation and collection.
  • Goods release and clearance.

Thanks to the underlying integration platform and the process flexibility it is possible to adjust the system to different national requirements.