INTRASOFT ERMIS Trade Enablement solutions

INTRASOFT ERMIS Facilitation solutions are based on a strong, proven Single Window engine (PROTEUS) which can be configured and/or augmented with extensions, according to the customer needs. Alternatively, the customer can choose from our business domains specialised offerings, which are systems based on the same engine.

Using INTRASOFT ERMIS Trade Enablement can help you with:

  • Benefiting from a staged implementation and strategic planning of the interested governmental Organisations and Agencies
  • Protection of current investments through flexible tightly or loosely coupled integration with other systems
  • Dynamic definition of messages to handle any current and future need for information exchange.
  • Flexible techniques for orchestration of processes (workflows) between the different organisations.
  • Expandable to new services and business processes.
  • Web interfaces and G2B/G2G system-to-system communications