ERMIS Trade Enablement solutions

Netcompany-Intrasoft offers a set of robust and customized solutions in order to facilitate trade: From our flagship, the ERMIS Trader Portal, through a Single Window Engine, to OGA Integration, using the ERMIS Trade enablement solutions can help you with:

  • Benefiting from a staged implementation and strategic planning of the interested governmental Organisations and Agencies
  • Protection of current investments through flexible tightly or loosely coupled integration with other systems
  • Dynamic definition of messages to handle any current and future need for information exchange.
  • Flexible techniques for orchestration of processes (workflows) between the different organisations
  • Expandable to new services and business processes
  • Web interfaces and G2B/G2G system-to-system communications

ERMIS Trader Portal

ERMIS Trader Portal is an online platform that gives traders a single interface to communicate with customs authorities. The component has out-of-the-box functionality that covers standardised customs procedures, focusing on maximising the benefits for both the economic operators that use it and customs authorities that interact with them.

The ERMIS Trader Portal is the system component that serves as the unique access point for a Trader or External user that wishes to interact with National Authorities for the purpose of submitting requests for authorisation to bring goods in, out of, or through the country, or perform any other transactions related to the handling and authorised movement of consignments.

The ERMIS Trader Portal enables traders to submit and manage customs declarations, track the status of their consignments, and access various customs-related services such as tariff classification and duty calculations. It also offers tools to manage declarations, handle related work tasks and generate reports.

Typical users of the ERMIS Trader Portal are Economic Operators and Traders: the group includes Importers, Exporters, Brokers (or other representatives), freight forwarders, carriers, and any other stakeholder who cooperates with the Trader community to assist in the movement and authorised handling of goods. Trader Portal relies on other core sub-systems for managing business driven workflows and processes and for orchestrating the sequence of steps and messages needed for the handling of corresponding business subtasks.

ERMIS Single Window

In order to include more stakeholders regarding customs procedures, our ERMIS trader portal, being scalable and extensible by design, can be incorporated into a full-blown Single Window engine which can be configured and/or augmented with extensions, according to the customer needs. This solution then acts as a one-stop system that serves as a liaison between the traders’ community and governmental services – thereby reducing time and effort in completing trade related procedures from a single-entry point.

Collaborate with Other Government Agencies and the Public with Ease

ERMIS OGA Integration contains various subsystems, each offering specialised Single Window services. Its subsystems use the services of the ERMIS S2S Integrator for managing various workflows and processes related to business specific operations supported by each Single Window subsystem.

Agencies' participation becomes easy with ERMIS Web Enabler, an optional web client that implements basic interface and functionality for participating agencies to help them speed up their participation in the Single Window project from Day 1, while giving them time to develop a more advanced interface to Single Window.