For the tariff management, duty calculation, quota management and valuation needs of a modern, integrated customs system, Netcompany-Intrasoft has created a most advanced, full-featured Tariff solution available either as a standalone Tariff solution or as an integrated component of the total ERMIS Customs solution.

ERMIS Tariff Management, is a comprehensive web-based tariff system for customs administration authorities. The product suite confers significant benefits and cost savings on Customs Administrations; ERMIS Tariff Management contains solutions applicable to standard customs administration functions, such as:

  • Publication of tariff data
  • Integration of tariff information into electronic customs and trade systems
  • Administration and maintenance of accurate and up-to-date tariff data
  • Automatic validation of commodity codes and tariff measures
  • Automation of duty calculations
  • Automatic import and export of tariff information into and out of other customs and trade systems

For most Customs Administrations, electronic tariff solutions form part of the following projects:

  • Upgrade and modernisation of tariff management capabilities
  • Electronic customs systems
  • Customs Website developments
  • Web-based information portals
  • Electronic customs and trade declaration
  • Single Window developments that require validation of tariff data prior to the processing of customs declarations

ERMIS Tariff Management covers the full range of international requirements, as well as, extends to the full set of European Union member states requirements. Capabilities include anti-dumping measures, tariff quotas and surveillances measures, the nomenclature of goods and related regulations, national fiscal measures and non-fiscal national measures. ERMIS Tariff Management is also able to automatically import all TARIC information, integrate quota and statistical functionality, and accommodate any additional member state-specific tariff measures.