With its global footprint executing over 100 projects in more than 68 countries, Netcompany-Intrasoft has the necessary Customs IT systems focused integrator experience and has provided systems and solutions across a variety of countries and their specific needs, in Europe, Asia and Africa.


Netcompany-Intrasoft is DG TAXUD’s key consultant to the EU Customs specifications and Development. This includes Customs systems where DG Taxation and Customs Union acts as the facilitator of exchange and the integrator of information, including ART, CN, DDS, EBTI, ECICS, ISPP, RIF, SMS, SUSPENSIONS, TARIC, TQS and UNIT VALUES.
The CUST-DEV3 project scope includes the re-conceptualisation, re-design, re-modelling, creation of new architecture, development of specification, development of systems, maintenance (including further development) and support of the existing Customs systems for DG Taxation and Customs Union
  • NCTS, ECS, ICS, AEO/EORI (EOS), COPIS, SPEED specifications production
  • Workshops with all EU Member States
  • BPMM process models for AEO/EORI and COPIS
  • Modernised Customs Code Architecture Document and Security specifications
  • e-Customs IT Architecture and Security specifications
EMCS-DEV and FITS2 of the European Commission
  • EMCS (Excise Movement Control System) specifications production
  • Implementation of Testing Applications for conformance testing
  • SEED specifications production and implementation of EU central SEED
Netcompany-Intrasoft is the implementor of the largest and most successful regional integration project ever, the European Transit System:
TCP (Transit Computerisation Project) of the European Commission
  • NCTS (New Computerised Transit System) specifications production
  • Development and maintenance of MCC, ECN, ECN+, STTA, TTA, GMS
  • Consultancy missions to involved Member States
SOFT-DEV Project of the European Commission
  • Management Services
  • Architecture and Strategy services
  • Business Analysis, Modelling and Data integration and harmonisation services
  • IT system and application development services
  • Support services
ASEAN Customs Transit System (ACTS): Customs management system to facilitate the movement of goods being transported by road throughout ASEAN Member States (AMS). A set of software applications and communication systems to manage and monitor the movement of goods from the Customs Office of Departure to the Customs Office of Destination in the Member States. The first phase includes the linking of Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore over the major North-South corridor of ASEAN.
ERMIS Trade Enablement Platform readily supports the Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN), that is used for import of goods in many African Countries. The ECTN document and its use is mandated by the Union of African Shipper’s Council (UCCA - Union des Conseils des Chargeurs Africains). ERMIS based ECTN is a great way for forwarders to simplify their export process to the countries that require ECTN and for customs/governments a great way to:
  • Focus and automate their audit functions
  • Control maritime cargo importation
  • Secure revenue per importation