The ERMIS Customs Workflow Management System maps the external core service interfaces to the interfaces of a specific national solution. This capability is provided by adapter components for each core service. The adapters themselves then become part of the national Customs Declaration Management solution.

The country specific interface specifications are implemented by using the ERMIS adapter components. The ERMIS Adapter components decouple the CWM core components from the country specific existing systems:

  • The adapters provide a generic core interface to the CWM components.
  • The adapters provide a country specific interface to the existing systems.
  • The implementation of the adapters is country specific and not core.

The adapters are responsible for:

  • Validating incoming messages from the country specific existing systems against the corresponding interface specification. Messages that do not comply with the interface specifications are rejected and treated as technical errors.
  • Data mapping and transformation between Core CWM and the existing systems.
  • Communicating with existing systems, for example MQ, CTG, WS, etc.