Netcompany-Intrasoft is DG TAXUD’s key consultant to the EU Customs specifications and Development. It is also the implementor of the largest and most successful regional integration project ever, the European Transit System.

The CUST-DEV3 project scope includes the re-conceptualisation, re-design, re-modelling, creation of new architecture, development of specification, development of systems, maintenance (including further development) and support of the existing Customs systems for DG Taxation and Customs Union:

  • Customs systems dealing with consignments, such as the NCTS (New Computerised Transit System) which is a representative example of trans-European systems implementing business transactions between two or more participating countries.
  • Customs systems where DG Taxation and Customs Union acts as the facilitator of exchange and the integrator of information, including ART, CN, DDS, EBTI, ECICS, ISPP, RIF, SMS, SUSPENSIONS, TARIC, TQS and UNIT VALUES.