The Unified Trade Facilitation Foundation

INTRASOFT ERMIS Trader Portal includes:

  • Trader Portal UI
  • Trader Portal Gateway
  • Administration and Workflow Management
  • User Management
  • Permit Management
  • Payments Management

The INTRASOFT ERMIS Trader Portal component is the heart of our single access platform that serves as the entry point of transactions and communication for the trade community for all interactions with Customs, government agencies, port operators, banks and insurance companies. All applications for customs licenses, import/export/transit declarations, warehouse movements, payments for duty or other charges, insurance renewals, permits/certificates and other supported services can be handled and properly routed and/or processed by our platform. The SiWi Core provides all guidance and validation to ensure that document and permit submissions take place only once.

The INTRASOFT ERMIS Trader Portal supports and assists the Trader Community by:

  • enabling Traders to submit declarations to declaration processing components (e.g. Transit, Export, Import, Excise), using digital signatures and certificates, through the web-based user-interface of the Portal UI and through the web services interface of the Gateway)
  • enabling Traders to electronically submit to the declaration processing system other information (e.g. arrival information) required for the movement processing of specific regimes (e.g. Transit, Export, Import, etc.). This is done through a web-based user-interface of the Portal UI and/or through the web-services interface of the Gateway)