The INTRASOFT SEED Web Application provides simple access to the SEED Central Repository. It provides functionality to search, browse and maintain information for Tax Warehouses, Authorised Warehouse Keepers, Registered Consignees and Consignors, Temporary Registered Consignees and Reference Data.

SEED manages the following registration data :

  • register of permanently registered economic operators
  • register of tax warehouses
  • temporary authorisations

The reference data are all types of codes and parameters that EMCS has to maintain for its proper operations, which are as follows:

  • Excise Offices List (EOL);
  • various lists of codes to be used in EMCS messages, among which the lists of Excise product categories and codes;
  • common system parameters, such as delays, frequencies and lists of goods categories authorised for specific functions.

Most reference data are created by a central application (equivalent to NCTS CS/RD) under the control of the Commission; these data are considered rather stable; they are disseminated to all MSAs at every change and partially put to the economic operators’ free disposal;

The Excise Offices List (EOL) is integrated in the Customs Offices List (COL) presently maintained for NCTS.