Transit is the Customs Regime that governs the movement of goods between two points of the customs territory so that customs duties could be payable to the destination instead of the entrance point of goods.

The need for paperless Transit

When Transit is computerised, the declaration and other information become instantly available to the Office of Departure, Office of Transit, Office of Destination, and also monitored centrally. As a result, the declaration cannot be faked. Therefore, paperless transit increases revenues and reduces corruption. In addition, paperless Transit establishes a partnership between customs and economic operators to better respond to transit business needs, and ensures a uniform application of the rules.

Key points of the NCTS solution

INTRASOFT NCTS solution, being already in operation in 17 countries, guarantees:

  • the support of all Transit procedures (Common Transit, Community transit and National Transit).
  • all the necessary functionality for Office of Departure, Office of Transit, and Office of Destination.
  • advanced or simplified configuration, depending on the customer needs:
  • customisation-ability to any national need or variation.
  • out-of-the-box compliance with EC requirements.
  • seamless integration with other systems, existing or parts of our framework, including Single Window, AEO, Tariff, Risk analysis and Guarantee Management.